Only just started out with a blog for your business? Looking for tips on getting the best out of your content? Want to know how to SEO optimise your articles? Our content courses are the best way to learn: you’ll get the theoretical knowledge, along with practical workshops to make sure you really know how to create kick-ass content. But, for now, here are a few of our top tips that will give you a taster of what you could learn…

  1. Know your audience 

Knowing your audience is essential to your content’s success. You need to know what they want to know: the questions they’re asking about your product/service, their online habits, behaviours and their search intent. That way, you can serve them an article or blog that answers their questions and shows that you’re the expert in your industry and you have what they want. This is also where keyword research comes into play. 

2. Tailor your tone of voice

If you’re a chatty, friendly local business, you should show that personality in your content. This helps to build your authenticity and your brand. However, if you’re a law firm, a commercial machinery company or a [insert business here], you need to show that you’re the experts and you’ll likely need to adopt a formal tone without the fluffy language. 

3. Entice people with imagery

When you’re reading online, large bodies of text can often be overwhelming to look at and can immediately disengage a user, causing them to bounce straight back away from your site. By breaking up the text with informative graphics such as infographics or stunning imagery that is relevant to your subject, you’ll help them to stick around to the end and get the best from your content.

4. Take your customer on a journey

When we say ‘take your customer on a journey’ what we really mean is get your internal linking strategy right. If your content can lead a user to other useful pages that they might be interested in such as products or other articles, you’ll increase the time they spend on your site and potentially their chances of making a purchase or enquiry. 

5. Optimise your content

If you want people to find your content when they’re searching on Google, you’ll need to SEO optimise it. By following best practice on writing title tags, meta descriptions, using alt tags, heading tags and keyword use, you’re heightening those chances of ranking in search. Plus, if you want to get the coveted ‘position 0’ otherwise known as a ‘snippet’, there are a number of finer details you need to get right both to gain the spot, and to keep it. 

6. Share it!

Once you’ve got your content all primed and ready, you need to get it out there. The more people that engage with it on social, email or through other means, the more value your content holds. But social media is a whole other course so we’ll leave that there for now! 

Ready to get down into the details of creating killer content? Our content marketing course is just waiting for you to jump in and get started. Whether you’re an individual looking to progress in your career, or in search of training for your personal development plan, enquire with Ocean Digital today.