Marketing is a vital part of any business strategy. Without reaching an audience, your business is simply pointless. With social media channels increasing in size and popularity, it is now easier than ever to reach vast numbers of people.

In this article, we take a look at how Facebook can help improve your business and why it matters that it is part of your marketing campaign!

Build a Community

Facebook is an incredible platform to engage with customers and clients. You can connect with them and share information by posting updates, pictures and videos.

For direct communication, you can directly message them; this can be especially useful for smaller companies as they can get in contact with customers and clients regarding deliveries, orders etc. depending on the type of business. 

By building a positive and trusted bond with the audience, you can increase customer loyalty, as well as the overall satisfaction with your brand

Multiple people on their devices

Use Business Tools to Help with Management

Facebook offers a range of features, including business tools that can enhance your page. The feature provides a place to manage appointments, create events, sell products from your page and even hire employees! What’s even better – business tools are completely free!

Businesses should take full advantage of the Facebook business tools because they can significantly help with organisation, communication and can, in some cases, also reduce costs. As the service is free, no charge is incurred for advertising a job, for example.

Evaluating Your Performance on the Platform

Facebook insights are an extremely valuable tool because it provides you with an understanding of the performance of your page. The free service can provide the following information about your page:

Actions on Page

The number of clicks on your page’s contact information and call to action button.

Page Views

The number of times a page’s profile has been viewed by both logged in and logged out people.

Page Previews

The number of times people hovered over your page name or profile picture to see a preview of the page content.

Post Engagement

The number of times people engaged with your posts through reactions, comments, shares or clicks.

Facebook engagement buttons

Page Likes

The estimated number of new people who have liked your page; this is broken down by organic and paid page likes.

Page Followers

The estimated number of new people who have followed your page; this is broken down by paid and non-paid.

Post Reach

The estimated number of people who saw any of your posts at least once.

Story Reach

The estimated number of people who had any stories from your page on their screen; this is broken down by total, organic and promotions.


The number of times people have recommended your page.


The number of times your page’s videos played for at least three seconds or for nearly the total length if they are shorter than three seconds; this is broken down by total, paid and non-paid.


The number of orders you have received and your earnings in the time frame selected.

Facebook Statistics

Below is an infographic that displays some impressive statistics that support the importance of using Facebook for your business.

Facebook statistics infographic by Ocean Training
Statistics from Sprout Social and Zephoria.

If you are interested in learning more about Facebook, and how you can use it to benefit your business, why not book yourself onto one of our social media training courses?

There are courses specialised to each social platform, so you can choose which you would like to study. We cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to help you become an expert online. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team!

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